"I have had many brain integration sessions with you over the years and today  the cranial sacral session I did with you revealed an awareness of a number of locked up thoughts in my spine of not feeling worthy and not feeling like enough.   As a breach baby, I also was not feeling appreciated.  Amazing how this translates into our long held beliefs in our bodies!!!  Through your long distance energy work, you helped me to access that element of my heartfelt divine origin,  to feel loved and successful and appreciated for just being born."

- TD, 73, Artist & Healer

" My name is Carolyn and I am having brain integration done by
Yolanda Del Hierro.
I am 74 years old and I've never been able to look into people's eyes,
and 'hear' them at the same time.  I've had this all my life I suppose
from a childhood trauma.
The day after Yolanda worked on this particular problem, by the next
day I was able to look into people's eyes, and hear what they were
saying.  It was a miracle in my life. I actually noticed the color of
people's eyes for the first time."


- CH, 80, Dog Whisperer