CB 31yrs - Yoga Teacher has great changes with Brain Integration. - Her Story

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I came to Yolanda needing support with overwhelm. With running a business and being a mom of two, my focus and concentration was compromised with stress and brain fog. My motivation and inspiration was also suffering so my partner, Adam and I started with Cranial Sa

cral therapy and saw a huge difference in our overall well being. We decided to invest in ourselves and get fully brain integrated so that we can show up better for our family and growing business so we gave it a try and boy we are so so thankful we did! It was exactly what we needed to get clear, direct, focused, organized, excited and motivated!

We came back to LIFE! IT WAS EVERYTHING WE NEEDED! Everything feels connected, integrated, I see as a whole now, not through distorted parts of trauma and pain (or the filters so to speak). Every mom, every business owner, anyone who has experienced trauma can correct the blocks with these offerings.

Greatest Improvements:

• I feel content with a deeper sense of well being

• I am moving through stress with ease

• I am clear

headed and joyous even in the face of challenge

• I am more balanced emotionally

• I am more trusting of my circumstances

• I am in the divine flow

Would recommend: Yes

May 2021

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