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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

During this time it is so important to see that life's disappointments are opportunity's hidden

appointments. Below is a success story of a young woman committed to make a change in her behavior. I was very inspired as I watched her be so open and willing to change her life. She is amazing. Blessed are those who are open to her!!! Somewhere over the Rainbow, way up High!!!

EC AGE 23- 2020

I believe brain integration therapy is a tremendously helpful treatment. The treatment helped me reprogram subconscious beliefs. I believe this helped balance my mood. My behavior after just the first treatment was more “smooth” and not rushed and jagged. I no longer have migraine headaches after doing craniosacral. This is amazing because I have had migraines since I was about four. I thought I would live my entire life getting sick once a week. I could tell there would be a big difference because I went through a detox. There was CSF being blocked in my neck that was likely connected to the headaches and behavioral issues.

I remember left and right more easily. My social skills are better. I was able to walk on campus without fear. Whereas before it was an uncomfortable environment. My energy is different and much higher. I was able to quit old habits very quickly after the treatment. I changed my diet to eat less animal products. I did not feel the need to return to my old stress coping skills. I started waking up in the morning and working out. I became focused on getting more toxins out of my body.

I believe my confidence is more holistic and deep instead of being a faux cover of confidence. Instead of being based on achievements and looks, it is more like, “I am good because I simply am”. This should help with my anxiety.

I am able to let go of the past. My mind can now easily drop old thought patterns that did not serve me. This is huge because having negative thought loops was a big part of my behavioral problems. I believe this will help me with test taking.

In addition, I gained a radically different perspective this year. Having time off and researching allowed me to gain a different perspective on life overall, so many of my problems were diminished because of this as well.

Brain integration helped solidify changes and patterns. I still day dream, but I think a far dose of that is healthy. Yolanda is awesome. I believe brain integration is an incredibly effective, non time consuming treatment that actually gets to the root of the problem. This was much more effective for me than talk therapy, which tended to only increase negative thought loops. This therapy broke the thought loops, so I could create new ones. I am thankful that Yolanda believed in me!!!!

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