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Yolanda Del Hierro is a Holistic Practitioner, specializing in Brain Integration Rewiring and Craniosacral Therapy.  She is also highly educated and experienced in a range of different therapies, allowing her to offer wellness, lifestyle coaching and education.  With more than 35 years in her practice, she has helped many thousands of people to change, with a new foundation in the brain’s perception of things which ultimately brings forth optimum potential. 

She has witnessed the impact on this change on personal, family and community dynamics.


Yolanda believes that every person she has had the privilege to help, whatever they are going through, has been an incredible blessing to her.  She has met so many wonderful people, and feels honoured to be a part of their journey through life.  Most of all, she considers the children that she has connected with to be a gift.  All this makes her joyous and happy, and they all hold a special place in her heart.

• Reflexology (01/27/17)​​​

• Emotion Code - Certified 2018​​​

• Certified Divine Openings Guide   07/04/16)

• Matrix Energetics – Levels 1 & 2 and Unplugged – August 6, 2012

• Heal Your Life  Leader Training – September 10, 2011

• Neuromodulation Technique (Feinberg Method) Level 1, 2009, Level 2 

• Theta Healing – DNA2 Basic Course, 2007 & Advanced DNA, 2008

• Crossinology Brain Integration Technique – Certified January 2006

• Body Alignment Technique –August 2005

• Brain Gym – Level 1, May, 2005

• Wellness Coach – Level 1, April 2003 – Integrative Wellness Associates

• Microcurrent Frequency Therapy – Basic and Advanced Muscle Integration

• Craniosacral Therapy – Up ledger Level 1, June 12, 1994

• Craniosacral Therapy and Core Synchronism – 7 levels –

New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, 1992

• Midwifery – Midwifery Association – Salt Lake City, Utah, 1981

• Massage Therapy – Modified Connective Tissue Technique –

American College of Natural Healing Science, Mesa, Arizona, 1978