Silent Walking Meditation 3 day Retreat

Peggy Meehan – I have attended several silent retreats with Yolanda Del Hierro and found each on to be a profoundly peaceful and rewarding experience.  Life can be very hectic and stressful.  Each retreat has enhanced my ability to slow down and be in touch with my inner self and experience the beauty of life.  I now use the tools Yolanda teaches in every aspect of life to my great benefit.  I will continue to attend silent retreats and highly encourage others to take time to experience the joy and peace that is intrinsic to each retreat.

A Powerful Experience

Teresa Dunwell – Silent retreats are one of the most profound experiences of silence that I seek and savor in my life. A positive experience of retreat will balance and restore my natural energies and lead me to new insights and direction. I can honestly say that my silent retreat with Yolanda was just this.

I found myself releasing childhood trauma in the very core of my being through my back and lower extremities and as this is the core of my being and my center and foundation it became a very powerful and life changing shift.

Through this silent retreat I was able to address and transform this pain in a very powerful experience of great healing, knowing that it was being held lovingly by its participants in the silence. I am grateful to have shared in this powerful weekend of Yolanda’s sensitivities, and guidance.