Subtle Changes Make a Big Difference

DA age 27Before brain integration I felt like my life was in a fog. I was a college student and I couldn’t focus on my schoolwork or make decisions about my future. Because of that I turned to drinking and drugs to numb the feelings of not feeling capable to do basic human functions

After hearing about this therapy from a distant friend I started doing some research. By some divine miracle I called Yolanda and was able to make an appointment to go see her.

My life has changed in the subtlest ways that make the biggest difference.

I thought the things that I talked about were my problems but after brain integration I am realizing amazing new things that have taken away the stress that caused those symptoms. I can stick to plans, make realistic decisions about my future, I don’t fly off the handle anymore and I most importantly I feel like I am actively living.

Victoria age 15
I was in fourth grade when I got the brain integration done. I was really struggling in school. I could not read even half as well as the other kids in my class. My math skills were horrible and I could spell about as well as a first grader. The teachers were talking about holding me back a year. That summer was when my mum took me to the brain integration. The next school year, everything was so much better.

I began improving with everything I had struggled with. The letters in books stopped moving around so much, and I could make out words easier and faster. By the end of the year I not only could read at my level, but it was something I enjoyed.

Math was something that I could actually do, and it motivated me to try harder. By the middle of the year I was in the top math class in my grade. Now I am in tenth grade. I am a high honors student, and number 4 in ranking in my grade. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is struggling. Thank you!

Elizabeth age 6, 2014
I just had my 6 year old daughter diagnosed with dyslexia. I decided to take her to see Yolanda over the summer to help her so she was all ready for the start of school. It has only been a few weeks since I had taken her to do the brain integration.

I can already see a change in her attitude and self confidence. She absolutely loves Yolanda and the time she got to spend with her. She was not at all scared or uncomfortable in any way. It was a most pleasant experience.

I have gone to other people that have done brain integration in the past but would highly recommend Yolanda. She has much more experience and through tat experience has been able to fine tune her skills and has a lot more to offer through that experience. Melanie- Utah

Ardis Hoffman
I love having an integrated brain! I did not have a specific brain/health issue that I was trying to resolve. I historically had a very active brain and it was hard to slow it down or quiet my thoughts. This made sleeping a challenge. I like to be very active and I was often feeling “scattered” or “on the edge”.

Since my Brain Integration sessions I notice how my brain feels more peaceful and I am able to really focus and have direction with my thoughts. I still have moments of high activity but I am no longer overwhelmed!

I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has experienced a “scrambled” feeling and would like to experience more balance. In particular, Brain Integration is great for anyone who is living on the Autistic Spectrum.

Cal age 8
He has reading difficulties, can read at grade level but cannot breakdown unfamiliar words, social difficulties that present mostly in school setting, writing symptoms, spelling is far below grade level.The following is an email from Cal’s mother a few weeks after Brain Integration. They live in Long Island:

Things have been going well for Cal. He says he feels different but he cannot define what he is feeling.

He has been showing signs of maturity which will benefit him in the fall when he returns to school. I believe he had a great emotional release from his previous struggles during integration.

I don’t sense the sadness he would have in the past. His coordination has improved tremendously, his spirit is light. He is much better at expressing himself and displaying a much sharper sense of events happening around him.

He will be having a Davis Correction. This will help address his focus with the dyslexia. His is not as cooperative with his school work since we returned, but, I feel this is part of his new found self expression. I actually am viewing it in a positive way and trying to give him the space to express frustration and emotion, but trying to keep him on track at the same time. The Davis Correction should help him to focus his mind’s eye. That also works with opening the pathways of the brain. Between the two techniques I have no doubt he will have the tools to enjoy school and succeed at learning.

I had told you of Cal’s communications with what he and I call his “other world.” He has done this since he was a small baby, even before he could speak this language. He would speak to others that I could never see, and sing songs in languages I could not decipher. I sensed from him that he was afraid the brain integration might make that world disappear. When we arrived in Colorado Springs on our way home, I asked him if that was the way he felt. He said no, but I really believe he was worrying that would happen. So, I said to him “How are things in your ‘other world’?” He smiled big and said, “Things are better in both worlds.”

My husband and I discuss every day the changes we see in Cal. We both see subtle changes as well as profound changes. Some are wonderful and some are more frustrating. The frustration we feel seems to be from his leap into maturity that has happened over night, his metamorphosis from the immature eight year old into a much more mature and aware eight year old.

We know the latter will serve him better in life. We’ll certainly take it and help him deal with these changes as they come. Thank you so much for the work you have done with him. You have changed his life forever, for this we are eternally grateful to you. Many blessings!

RR age 58 – June 2012
 – Things have been extremely busy as my partner/leader fell off a roof and broke his leg. Since that time I have been his legs and a part of his brain. He was hospitalized for 10 days so I did much of the follow through on planning, projects and continuity of business.What a hoot it has been as I have been behaving to a much more heightened degree of accomplishment. These are some pieces of my realizations. In the past, I would have been overwhelmed at what was happening in my own life. That alone has been busy with many opportunities to shut down.

Instead, I have been handling them with a rational decision making process which I had only envisioned before. Over the years, I have done many courses and programs for self improvement and still had been unable to ” make them work” There has always been something that kept me from fully assimilating what I learned and “knew “to be true.

(I attended a few conference type meetings and trainings in EFT. I did buy the CD DVD set years ago and still have them. I have done some work with EMDR Eye Movement, Desensitization Response, The Emotion Code, The Healing Code and dabbled in Psych K, Everything is Energy, while doing the CD’s of Wayne Dyer, Morgana Rae, and many others. A lot of information was taken in and not fully utilized……yet.

Since the Brain Integration and Cranial work, I have been more methodical and operating at a much more effective and efficient level.This has been a strong “A-HA” which I have regularly. With the added duties from the company management level, I now have multiples of the “overwhelming shutdown” occurrences and they do not shut me down.

Instead, I am able to think on them, digest and then take action of some sort to move them through the process. I liken it to eating the elephant, one bite at a time. The oversized situation shrinks each time I take an action and the resulting satisfaction of doing that, makes me smile and marvel at my integrated self.

The elephant now has holes in it as I digest the parts. It does not matter right now that it still exists, only that I am chipping away at it, bit by bit. (Later) Things continue to be processed and the elephant is getting smaller all the time. I continue to think of things needing to be done and ways to get them done. It is fun to be playing in the way I have envisioned for so long. Although roofing and life have been VERY busy, I am able to separate them into manageable tasks and complete them fairly easily. Thanks for your work!

CG age 60, Nurse – July 6 2012 – 
What I have noticed since the brain integration is I have more confidence and energy. I had a wonderful first day back at work. Even though it was long it made no difference. The emotional burdens I seemed to carry before are not there.

I have noticed I don’t back down now, not with my husband and not with others. Pretty cool really, to not be afraid of conflict and confrontation. Now that I am aware, I want to develop better skills to communicate, to build relationships and compromise as appropriate. I speak more directly, not avoiding the truth of what I want or feel.

It is a little curious for me if I come off harsh. Oh, I also laugh easier. I was not laughing much in the past several years. I am grateful.


The victory and success of a 9 year old boy named Caleb Jensen Caleb sat by my bedside for about 1 hour and just talked that night after the first 2 hour session, it was the first time for such a long conversation. He spoke one sentence 14 words long. Complete and correct. His usual sentences were the average of 3 – 4 words. He had a great interest in throwing and catching smaller balls than previously. His reflexes appeared faster. He had one day he kept pressing on his forehead. Something felt off to him or different.

Caleb said” I’m already getting bigger!” He stands up for himself verbally. Socially he is more assertive. He has a posture of confidence; is happy and more assertive emotionally; is participating more athletically. Something physical around his eyes seemed to have shifted. He is much more willing to do chores. Caleb gets more accomplished. He is less apprehensive with other children. He is happy on his basketball team.

Two years ago he was very frustrated. ” I can do it!” comes out of him a lot!. He gets up better in the morning; loves adding, independently finished his math. Caleb read to me for 45 min. after his brain integration session. I thought it would be more of a struggle. He is more determined. His grandma invited him to read to her, and he read an unfamiliar book. In the past he wouldn’t do anything at this grandma’s request especially academic. He caught a pass and scored a basket in his game. He is much more verbal with his opinions about anything and everything. He talks and talks and talks. He is getting better about explaining to someone what he is learning about. Answers to questions are coming quicker. Update on Caleb: Attending school now and continuing to learn and grow. Parents are very happy.

Comments from the mother of a 5 year old boy diagnosed with autism –
 After 3 Brain Integration sessions : “He is talking more; cheerful and pleasant; good eye contact; seems to understand better”.

Robin Finkel and grandson Riley –
 Riley’s problems started with an ear infection which responded well to the Craniosacral sessions. Then an intestinal difficulty was corrected with the same good results. His grandmother also said that when Riley would get in a 5 year old “cranky mood”, just one session would clear it right up. Robin is a “firm believer” in the Craniosacral and Brain Integration sessions, as she has experienced it for herself.

As a horse breaker, she has also been given Muscle Integration for injuries to her neck, legs, and back, restoring health and her self confidence. In fact, her enthusiasm has brought other members of her family into this work.

Robin’s stepdaughter benefited and her daughter’s life changed dramatically after Craniosacral sessions for a head injury. Robin can’t say enough wonderful things” about the total program and enjoys “spreading the good news”.

Comments from a mother of a 12 year old boy – He didn’t have any meltdowns! He made an effort with his homework; school work seems easier; continuing with no violent episodes; improvement in agreeable responses to correction; hasn’t had any situations of vandalism.

LJ Age 38, male – 
Through my life I have experienced more trauma than most; from mental trauma to physical trauma. I now know that this trauma has in fact had a major impact on my brain’s ability to function normally. I was knocked unconscious several times during high school football, experienced head and neck trauma from four car accidents, a 400 pound stage prop hit me on the head, I was in a wave runner accident which severely damaged my right arm requiring several surgeries to repair. I experienced a good deal of social and mental impacts during high school and the following years.

I have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and depression. I have been treated with various medications and in and out of counseling many times. During the seven years prior to receiving Brain Integration I accumulated debt, declared bankruptcy, accumulated more debt. I became more and more socially reclusive and less and less able to function, even with day-to-day activities. A car accident in August of 2005 which caused significant head trauma and a crushed vertebra, probably put me over the edge.

I could not think clearly, my reasoning skills were faulty. I was simply making very poor decisions, if any at all. I hated people, and wanted nothing to do with society. People would drive me crazy. I didn’t want to deal with anything; I was despondent and depressed. Being aware that my 10 year old nephew had Brain Integration Therapy my parents suggested that I receive the therapy also. This occurred December 12-14 ,2006. I received 15 hours of Brain Integration and 2 hours of Cranial Therapy.

The results were nothing short of miraculous.

Results are best stated by my parents as follows: Our son has had many traumatic experiences and Yolanda Del Hierro, who performed the therapy, attributes his mental deficiencies to much of the above physical and mental traumas in his life.

Since having Brain Integration we have seen a significant change in L’s demeanor, he has no bouts with depression and no anxiety has presented itself, which was the catalyst for feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide. His ability to reason has greatly improved, and his thought processes are clear and rational. He is much calmer and says he feels like great burden has been lifted. There has been a momentous change in his tolerance for other people and he has become more patient and understanding. We have noted that he is feeling a great deal of remorse for poor choices and mistakes of the past, but are amazed and thrilled with overall mental changes.