Reanna’s Story

“This is a miracle story that I would like to share. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 25 years. We have suffered so much loss and heartbreak. The doctors couldn’t tell me how or why this was happening. You feel life growing inside of you only to find out you have to discontinue your baby’s life to save your own. So we decided on one last chance at life and went for an implant.

The first one didn’t work. When they do implants they take more than one egg and fertilize them. They implant a few and freeze the rest, all died but one.

Then I found what I would call my miracle lady to help me handle everything that happened. Not only did she help me create life, but she also helped me maintain my pregnancy to where it was filled with love and joy and every moment was an experience of utter excitement.That is something you can’t put a price on.

Now I have this little person to love and hold every day of my life. The joy is so fulfilling. I would like to tell you my baby is also having cranials. She is so healthy and she has never been sick for 11 months. That in itself is a miracle. We can never thank Yolanda enough for giving us this gift of life and helping us enjoy her and I thank god for her treatments. Thank you!!!”



– Rudy and Tina