Success Stories

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College Student is now living actively

DA age 27Before brain integration I felt like my life was in a fog. I was a college student and I couldn’t focus on my schoolwork or make decisions about my future. Because of that I turned to drinking and drugs to numb the feelings of not feeling capable to do basic human functions

After hearing about this therapy from a distant friend I started doing some research. By some divine miracle I called Yolanda and was able to make an appointment to go see her.

My life has changed in the subtlest ways that make the biggest difference.

I thought the things that I talked about were my problems but after BIT I am realizing amazing new things that have taken away the stress that caused those symptoms. I can stick to plans, make realistic decisions about my future, I don’t fly off the handle anymore and I most importantly I feel like I am actively living.

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Silent Walking Meditation 3 day Retreat

Peggy Meehan – I have attended several silent retreats with Yolanda Del Hierro and found each on to be a profoundly peaceful and rewarding experience.  Life can be very hectic and stressful.  Each retreat has enhanced my ability to slow down and be in touch with my inner self and experience the beauty of life.

I now use the tools Yolanda teaches in every aspect of life to my great benefit.

I will continue to attend silent retreats and highly encourage others to take time to experience the joy and peace that is intrinsic to each retreat.

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