Muscle ReActivation

Are your muscles feeling weak? Do you have chronic muscle pains?

This therapy, using the principles of Applied Kinesiology, assesses and switches on the brain’s signal to the specific muscle that is off. When signals from the brain to the muscle become interrupted or totally switched off, this creates a lack of co-ordination, lack of muscle tone, inflexibility, chronic pain and loss of balance. These turned off muscles also affect the specific organ that it relates to. Muscle Activation reconnects the pathways and brings appropriate nerve stimulus to the muscle. GREAT FOR CORRECTING SPORTS INJURIES!

Many people experience being more balanced, stable and grounded, giving a greater ease of performance in all areas of gross and fine motor co-ordination. Great for athletes and musicians!



The practitioner does not prescribe for or diagnose your condition. Suggestions will be made for alternative ways to help your body balance itself. There may be a healing crisis, which is the body’s way of releasing toxins. This may be unpleasant, but you are responsible for your healing. The practitioner will not give any advice on your medications or medical programs. You have the freedom to choose your care. The body is designed to heal itself and the practitioner believes that God is the source of that healing. The process of staying healthy involves your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. You are responsible to commit to your healing and your well-being. The client gives consent and authorization to receive treatment from the practitioner, Yolanda Del Hierro, and release this practitioner from any liability and claims with her practice now and in the future.