Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy helps in the self-healing process of a person’s core system where body, mind and spirit reside independently and communally at the same time.

According to Franklyn Sills, who was an early pioneer in the development of the biodynamic understanding and approach to craniosacral therapy,we, as human beings, are seen as an expression of the wholeness of life itself and are not separate from the vast forces at work throughout the Universe.

This viewpoint reflects the perspective that the potency of the Breath of Life is perceived to be the ordering principal within the human system. The focus is on the Inherent Health of the system (the entire biosphere of the person, not simply the craniosacral system within the body). The intention of the work is to assist the system in re-establishing its relationship to the Breath of Life as the primary ordering principle.

Another approach is described as the biomechanical model. This is the classic osteopathic model of the ordering principle being perceived to be the Cranial Rhythm Impulse. This focuses on the craniosacral motion, its rate of experssion and the dynamic of the structures involved (cranial bones, the sacrum, the duramembrane, and the cerebrospinal fluid). There is an orientation to patterns of resistance and inertia within the tissue system and the clinical intention is to analyze and treat these patterns. Yolanda has trained in both models yet prefers the biodynamic Breath of Life and Core Synchronization.

Even though I have been trained in both models, I prefer the biodynamic Breath of Life and Core Syncronization. This therapy is non-invasive and very gentle and is recommended for everyone, especially for those with head injuries or traumas of all kinds.

Everyone can benefit from this therapy and I myself, as a practitioner, receive a monthly session. It releases inner tensions from within the cranial system and affects the entire body. I find it helps integrate mind and body, as well as the emotional and spiritual centers. It is wonderful to have after experiencing challenging life situations and it helps the body relax and return to a peaceful state.

I just want to stress the importance of this therapy for children who are involved in sports. If they incur a head injury or a concussion it is important that the trauma be released. Personality changes, strange behaviors and depression can lead to serious life threatening situations. Please, for the sake of your children seek out craniosacral therapy.

I have given sessions to newborns toddlers, and children and adults of all ages.  All have benefited on many levels.




The practitioner does not prescribe for or diagnose your condition. Suggestions will be made for alternative ways to help your body balance itself. There may be a healing crisis, which is the body’s way of releasing toxins. This may be unpleasant, but you are responsible for your healing. The practitioner will not give any advice on your medications or medical programs. You have the freedom to choose your care. The body is designed to heal itself and the practitioner believes that God is the source of that healing. The process of staying healthy involves your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. You are responsible to commit to your healing and your well-being. The client gives consent and authorization to receive treatment from the practitioner, Yolanda Del Hierro, and release this practitioner from any liability and claims with her practice now and in the future.