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Brain Integration Rewiring

If you find yourself not able to process your emotions, feel stuck or have problems with memory;  you are a candidate for this therapy. It is important to have the foundation of your brain rewired. It will help you process life itself.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Everyone can benefit from craniosacral therapy and I myself, as a practitioner, receive a monthly session. It releases inner tensions from within the cranial system and affects the entire body. I find it helps integrate mind and body, as well as the emotional and spiritual centers. It is wonderful to have after experiencing challenging life situations and it helps the body relax and return to a peaceful state.

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Muscle ReActivation

When signals from the brain to the muscle become interrupted or totally switched off, it creates a lack of co-ordination, lack of muscle tone, inflexibility, chronic pain and loss of balance.

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Silent Walking Retreats

In the midst of our chaotic world, we tend to lose touch with the peace and joy that are available in each moment: the sunshine, the birds’ singing, the autumn leaves, a baby’s smile.  The practice of walking meditation brings us back to being fully present and alive with every step, filling each moment with peace and joy.

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