Strengthen Your Magnetic Field

The body is surrounded by a magnetic field which is it’s life force. This magnetic field appears as energy currents which flow through and around the body. It is electric in nature and connects us to the universal power in which we live, move and have our being.  When this energy flows through us without hindrances we are in tune with the universal supply of life.  Our magnetic field is then able to maintain ample connection and we receive  knowledge, wisdom and  feel content.  Our vibration and frequencies then radiate kindness, awareness and ease.  If the magnetic field becomes compromised physical symptoms are often the first indication that insufficient energy is being distributed.  This appears as a depletion of  the magnetic energy.  The nervous system is the first to be affected.  From there the depletion develops into many serious ailments.

Yolanda has been an alternative health practitioner for over 35 years.  She has trained in many modalities which help the body return to it’s blueprint of health thereby empowering healing.  Within each of us is an Innate Intelligence that keeps our bodies regulated.  It is connected to the universal power – the Divine.  Our cells have the consciousness to respond to healing or disease. The power of our thoughts also affects these cells.  Yolanda’s intuitive sensitivities allow her to tap into higher consciousness for assistance.  She utilizes applied kinesiology to communicate with a person’s subconscious and energetic field for various evaluations. She can then help the body restore balance.

Addressing the root cause of disease is fundamental.  There are many books written about the importance of Acid/Alkaline balance in the maintenance of health.  When the organs, glands and systems of the body are either too acid or alkaline, the body is out of balance and the immune system becomes compromised.  How we think, eat, and live are huge factors in maintaining this balance.

Yolanda’s Remote Healing and Balance sessions can assist people who feel out of sorts, have conditions that aren’t improving, or have an immune system that is compromised.  She helps restore the acid/alkaline balance which enhances the healing of the body. This, and recommendations on lifestyle support the prevention of disease.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or have questions call Yolanda Del Hierro at 720-583-0729. Each session is 15 minutes for $30, $60 for 30 minutes, $90 for 45 minutes.

Animal sessions are also available.


 C- age 77,  Colorado:

I have been wanting to stop smoking for a long time.  Also I am a writer and had been having a hard time organizing my notes.  After a session the cigarettes did not taste as good for  one thing.  I found myself in a different state of mind concerning my morning routine.  I did things differently rather than the morning rut I was in.  My mind was more clear about what I wanted to do and not what I always do.  Something, that is hard to describe, was very different in my life and I felt appreciation for that difference.

L-age 71,  Arizona:

I live a healthy lifestyle and take natural remedies and receive different healing modalities.  I have been dealing with a tooth abscess on a back molar.  After a root canal and months of treatments, including antibiotic and gum surgery with 7 stitches, I was exhausted and my nervous system was shot. I felt like my body had become very acidic from all the stress.  This was not going the way I wanted and after the tissue area was biopsied a determination was made that is was a benign cyst that hadn’t healed.  Frustrated and exhausted , I shared my situation with Yolanda ( a friend of 30 years) and she told me about the Remote Healing and Balancing  sessions. I knew my system was very off and my vibration was not high enough to heal the tissue.  I trust Yolanda completely and her fee is so affordable  I wanted to give it a try.  This is what I experienced.  Sitting in my chair with eyes closed and focusing on that tooth, I felt several short pulsations from the tooth.  Then I felt a couple of brief dull ache sensations.  After a few more minutes I took a very strong inhale breath and exhaled with a deep sigh.  I knew something had changed. I felt very relaxed and slept so soundly for 6 hours straight… I know I am moving forward in my healing. I recommend this to everyone. 


DISCLAIMER:  The practitioner does not prescribe for or diagnose your condition.  Suggestions will be made for alternative ways to help your body balance itself. These are preventive measures.  No advise on your medications or medical programs will be given.  You have the freedom to choose your care. The body is designed to heal itself and the practitioner believes that God is the source of healing. The process of staying healthy involves your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. You are responsible to commit to your healing and your well-being.  The practitioner is released from any liability and claims with her practice now and in the future.