Walking Meditation Retreats

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In the midst of our chaotic world, we tend to lose touch with the peace and joy that are available in each moment: the sunshine, the birds’ singing, the autumn leaves, a baby’s smile.  The practice of walking meditation brings us back to being fully present and alive with every step, filling each moment with peace and joy.

“Meditation is not meant to help us avoid problems or run away from difficulties.  It is meant to allow positive healing to take place.  To meditate is to learn how to stop – to stop being carried away by our regrets about the past, our anger, or despair in the present, or our worries about the future. By practicing the art of stopping, we can enter the present moment and be nourished by the beauty and wonder of life. To practice mindfulness is to begin to realize that we have a choice – to stop and rest or run, to be angry or happy.  Once we choose to stop, everything will be okay.” (Thich Nhat Hanh – Zen Master and teacher of walking meditation)

Walking meditation is for everyone no matter what spiritual beliefs you may have.  This is a wonderful tool to help slow down the currents of the world and become centered.  Walking slowly while focusing on each step helps the mind become still.  You may repeat a favorite phrase or word.

Be Still and Know that I Am God (Pslams 46:10)

hunter_waterRetreats are designed to create an atmosphere where you can experience the letting go of concerns and the hustle and bustle of life.  The key is to experience the Presence within.   It is nice to learn with a group of people committed to giving the gift of silence to themselves and others.  This creates a synergy where we are all of one mind. A beautiful way to discover the beauty within and all around!   If this idea is new to you, take some time to contemplate and consider experiencing meditation in this way. You will learn how to take this practice into your daily life style and  bring balance and grounding throughout the day. Perfect for those who have a hard time sitting still!

May you be filled with Peace!


Silent Walking Meditation Retreat

As a challenge to the breathless, haste-ridden culture of the modern world” (In Praise of Slowness). Dare to slow down and connect with the stillness within.

Saturday, October 4, 2014, 8am – 5pm
388 Handy Drive, Carbondale, CO
(end of Prince Creek Rd. at the base of Sopris Mountain)

Includes tea/fruit/snacks/lunch
$100 if Registered by Sept 15, otherwise, $110

Give yourself the gift of silence by attending a 1 day retreat in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Discover how to be comfortable with yourself in silence and EXPERIENCE the beauty of expanding your awareness within and without.  All are welcome!

This retreat will consist of inspirational quotes and beautiful music, eating in silence, walking and sitting, and being outside in nature. Ways of taking care of your feet will be shown. You will leave with tools to continue this practice and incorporate it into your daily life.

Yolanda Del Hierro is a Holistic Practitioner specializing in Brain Integration and Craniosacral Therapy. She has attended several 5 and 10-day Vipassana retreats and one 30-day.  Yolanda has also given several 1-day and 3-day retreats in various settings.  One of her passions is to provide the atmosphere  for others to Let go of the worldly concerns enough to get in touch with the still small voice within and experience the Presence within the Stillness…

Space is limited, please register early.  
After registration, direction and a list of suggestions will be sent on the preparation for optimal experience.

To Register, contact Yolanda Del Hierro: e-mail  or 720.583.0729

“Now let me sit here on the threshold of 2 worlds – lost in the eloquence of Silence”  Rumi