Divine Openings

DivineOpenings literally creates an opening that makes space for more good and grace to come in. All you have to do is get out of the way and let the Presence do the heavy lifting. Breathe, Soften, Appreciate! Learn ways to generate a high vibration and keep it going. Shift from the problem and focus on growth and expansion. Together we create a synergy of Joy.  




One Day Silent Retreat – Divine Openings
Give yourself the gift of Silence
Saturday October 1, 2016
8am – 5pm
13 Moons Ranch, outside of Carbondale
WOW, what a Blessing and Honor to facilitate for 5 people who took time out of their daily life to come to the Divine Opening’s retreat. With Divine Openings everyone’s face changed and softened and brought deep relaxation.

Some short raves: one lady who is recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning said she came with an aching body. By the end of the day she had no pain!  She had a transforming vision during one of the DO; the young man that came was great at meditation, however he always had an “edge” to keep him alert and aware. He experienced no edge and said he went deeper than ever before; another lady really did a lot of letting go. During a DO she had a vision of her being thin and the feeling with it (she said she is little too heavy for her frame) She felt the power shift her and thankful for the gift; another lady went so deep she slept a little and really felt restored. During one prostration she felt a strong flood of emotions and shared her deep appreciation for the feelings of Love. She was very teary; another lady said that when sitting by the river, she saw the river like grace flowing and we were all flowers on the bank in different colors with the sunshine helping us grow. They all said they would come to another one. Everyone left happy and joyful.

During the retreat we listened to inspirational music. I shared  conscious mind tools, did some non- habitual movement and dance which shifted resistance. Periods of  silence. Stayed by the river for 45-min. Things flowed perfectly and with ease. I felt calm inside.  We just soared and had a great time together!!. Everyone said they would come to another one!



Feeling Great Love


Divine Openings One Day Silent Retreat

October 1, Saturday from 8-5 pm at the 13 Moons Ranch. Details will be posted soon and also sent by email.  RSVP by September 20.  Limited Participants. Mark your calendar. Appreciation Fee $125 plus a potluck dish.

Reading the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence is a requirement. I have books available.

For Info: call Yolanda Del Hierro 720-583-0729. Email me to be added to the email list.

You can go to www.divineopenings.com and browse for more information. Download the flier for personal use