Unlock Your Brain Power With Brain Integration Re-Wiring

Improve your learning ability, creativity and physical coordination
Be more focused
Gain more confidence & energy
Disconnect from emotional burdens
Build better relationships


Accelerate Your Results and Increase Your Brain Power


BRAIN INTEGRATION RE-WIRING corrects the foundation of the brain by opening the pathways 100% and relieves the stress that affects memory, self-confidence, concentration and more.

Each client is treated on an individual basis. Balancing programs are designed according to specific goals. Get an assessment and discuss your specific needs and goals, call me NOW at 720.583.0729 to schedule a FREE Consultation.



“Subtle Changes Made a Big Difference”

“Before Brain Integration Re-Wiring I felt like my life was in a fog. I was a college student and I couldn’t focus on my schoolwork or make decisions about my future. Because of that I turned to drinking and drugs to numb the feelings of not feeling capable to do basic human functions.” – DA age 27, Colorado


“I Have more confidence and Energy”

I had a wonderful first day back at work. Even though it was long it made no difference. The emotional burdens I seemed to carry before are not there. I don’t back down now, not with my husband and not with others. Pretty cool really, to not be afraid of conflict and confrontation. – CG age 60, Nurse, Arizona


Divine Openings

Spiritual Enlightenment that works in your practical daily life. It all starts with the book "Things are Going Great in my Absence." Send me an email for more information.


I Went From Struggling to Becoming An Honors Student

I was in fourth grade when I had brain integration done. I was really struggling in school. I could not read half as well as the other kids in my class. My math skills were horrible and I could spell about as well as a first grader. The teachers wanted holding me back a year.

A Big Change in Attitude and Self Confidence

My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, so I took her to see Yolanda so she was all ready for the start of school. It has only been a few weeks since the brain integration, but already I can see a change in her, and her attitude and in her self confidence.

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